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Phondaghat Organic Honey is the most natural form of honey. Also known as Beehive Honey, Forest honey or even Multi-Flora honey. Royal and delicious, honey is known for its nutritional as well as therapeutic qualities. Used in many applications of ayurvedic medicine and home remedies, trusted for over 70 years, Phondaghat Honey is the number one choice when it comes to pure and natural honey.

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Traditionally drawn, organic Honey is the natural most form of honey. The colour and taste you have grown to be familiar with, Phondaghat Organic Honey is produced in the most hygienic and standard conditions so that you can taste pure and natural goodness till the last drop.

It is also known to many as Forest honey. It comes directly from the natural honeycombs that are found on trees. Traditional beekeepers collect honey from these combs and we bring you the goodness. The taste of the honey is determined by the crop on which honey bees forage on. Strategically placed specific floral farms can result in a particular kind of honey that gives the taste of flowers the bees feed on. For Multiflora honey, these flowers are undefined and so you may actually be tasting a bit of berry, lilies, daisies or even orchids.

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Start your day with a spoonful of honey in a glass of lukewarm water, squeeze a wedge of lime, and go for the day!

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User Reviews
  • Anil Shenoy

    Is your honey agmark marked? I bought an honey bottle of 1.5kg from dmart but did not see the agmark logo.

    • Gaurav Masurekar

      Hi Anil!

      Phondaghat Honey is AGMARK certified. However, the Official Authorities have prescribed the AGMARK marking only on specific grammage of honey. Therefore you will find the AGMARK marking on all Phondaghat Beehive Honey bottles, except 1.5 kg.


  • Rakesh More

    At first, I was not sure about the Phondaghat Honey. I went to their shop at Mahim as my friend suggested to me and there they treated me very well and gave me all the information I needed before buying the Honey. After trying Phondaghat Honey for a couple of months, I can say, The Phondaghat Honey is the best honey I have ever buy. 5 Star!

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