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Ginger Honey 300 g.


Ginger Honey is a blend of Phondaghat honey and ginger juice. Enjoy the royal sweetness of wild forest honey topped with a kick of ginger spice. Ginger is a superfood when it comes to nutrition as it is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, etc. Add it to Phondaghat Honey and bump up the nutrition quotient of your lifestyle.

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Benefits of Ginger Honey

Ginger and Honey have many medicinal properties. When you fuse both in a single recipe, you have made a nutrition powerhouse. It is sweet and gives you a kick of spice at the end. The after taste is sweet and ginger-ry! We made this blend to make your morning routines a bit easy. Just add in a dash of lime to a glass of lukewarm water and honey.

It  is highly effective against common cough and cold, cleanses your throat and can provide relief against throat rashes and irritation. Also, can be used to sweeten your morning lemon-water, as it aids in better digestion and bowel movements. It helps in cleansing your body and throwing out the toxins. An effective anti-oxidant and a perfect ingredient for your detox routine. Honey is healthy food and ginger enhances the goodness quotient. Ginger is a super food and brings various health benefits. It great for digestion, work super well against common weather situations.

Ginger Honey can also be used to flavour desserts, especially ice creams and milkshakes. The royal sweetness of Phondaghat Honey is well complemented by spicy ginger and works great to add a sweet twist to your Green tea!

Phondaghat Life Recommends

  • Sweeten your lemonades with a generous spoon of honey.
  • Use it as a base for your fruit salad dressings.
  • Whip it with a glass of milk, cuppa cream, a small portion of seedless dates, top it up with ice; Ginger Date Milkshake is ready to relish!
  • Besides, here’s a quick recipe for Ginger Mojito – Muddle a few wedges of lime with mint leaves, in a tall glass. Add a pinch of rock salt and honey, top it up with water and ice. To spruce it up – add a portion of sparkling water. Enjoy the fizzy ginger mojito!

Phondaghat’s Premium Range of Honey

Note: Phondaghat Honey is 100 % Honey with no additives or adulteration. Ayurvedic doctors recommend our honey. Leading Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals companies in India prefer Phondaghat Honey.

Our Honey is

  • NMR Tested
  • FSSAI Compliant
  • AGMARK Certified
  • Genuine Product of India
    Lastly, It is tested for over 30 quality parameters in Government approved laboratories as well as leading Global Institutions.
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User Reviews
  • Bhakti Deshmukh

    The honey is very nice but the spicy ginger is strong. would have liked it less spicy. Nonetheless will recommend phondaghat honey to all my relatives and friends.

    • Gaurav Masurekar

      Hi Bhakti!

      Thank you for your kind words and feedback. We will take this up with the team and have them go easy on the ginger kicks!

      Stay #HealthyHamesha!