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Phondaghat Litchi Squash – just one word – Delicious. Made out of fresh batches of plump and juicy litchis, our Litchi squash brings you the luscious fruits into your glass. No artificial flavours! Every drop of Phondaghat Litchi Squash is filled with the goodness of real litchis. It is not just delicious; it is also nutritious and healthy at the same time.

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Phondaghat Litchi Squash is here to make your diet better. Skip the regular thick and cloying sweet squashes that give you a sugar situation, and go for something that is delicious, healthy, and made out of litchis. Litchis are fun but they are packed with nutrients too. Vitamin C, Vitamin B-Complex, dietary fibre, minerals, etc., litchis are filled with it to the brim.

Phondaghat Litchi Squash is all organic so that you do not miss on any of this important and vital nutrition. It has anti-oxidants, so include this into your weight/fat loss regime and bump up the results. Litchis are also known for their properties that help individuals fight against asthma and cardiovascular issues.

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You can add a couple of tablespoons of Litchi squash to your regular mojitos and spin a newer and tastier recipe! Or just add in a generous amount on a glassful of ice and sip away to good health.

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  • Ramesh Pardhi

    After reaching office through a bad bad Mumbai train travel experience, a sip of this litchi squash heals your soul!