Hey Honey!

Honey is our way of expressing love towards our customers, our family. The Honey story began decades ago when our founders travelled around the country to get the best variety of herb for Ayurved Doctors, medicinal practitioners, and their own family. This search for the best quality herbs took them to the hives, hidden in the dense forests of India. Learning the importance of honey in natural supplements, the founders decided to bring this nectar to the consumers. An initiative which then transformed into an all-time favourite product after decades of development. Fondly known as Phondaghat Honey, it is now one of the most sorted honeys in Maharashtra.

In a good flowering season, Phondaghat Honey can be had in over 35 varieties. All unique kinds from various flowers and fruits. Phondaghat Honey gets you the best of India’s abundant and diverse flora.

To name a few from the rich variety – Beehive, Forest, Jamun, Litchi, Kashmir, Wild Berry, Tulsi, Neem, Mustard, Eucalyptus, Acacia, White, Lemon, Ginger, Raw, Rubber, etc.