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Kokum Syrup is one of our specialty products. From our own farmlands in Konkan, we bring you the ultra-delicious, refreshing drink of Maharashtra – Phondaghat Kokum Syrup. It is a thick concentrate that is to be diluted in water, and is best served chilled. It is a unique drink known for its sweet and tangy taste and is mostly found in homes on the Konkan belt of Maharashtra. A healthier option for your coolers or your guests’ welcome drink. A sweet and sour Kokum with a kick of jeera!

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Kokum Syrup Benefits

Kokum Syrup is delicious and has amazing health properties. Ever heard of Garcinia Indica, Mangosteen family? It’s the same fruit that plays an essential role in various weight loss and fat loss supplements. Garcinia India is nothing but – Kokum. A super food and nutrient power house.

Kokum has many culinary, pharmaceutical, and medicinal uses. Kokum is rich in fibre that aids in digestion, bowel movements, and also improves metabolism. This helps in weight management and fat loss. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help you get rid of acidity.  Phondaghat Kokum Syrup has jeera in it too. Jeera gives you a mild kick of spice at the end of every sip. Jeera, or cumin,  is an excellent digestive. It contains antioxidants and has many health benefits.

Besides, it is a natural coolant for the body and gives relief in the hot hot summer! Its refreshing taste gives an instant boost of energy and keeps you away from fatigue caused due to dehydration.

Along with this product, we have an all-new ready-to-drink product – Phondaghat Bubbly Bhai Kokum Soda. It is a fizzy take on Maharashtra’s favourite summer kokum beverage. It contains real fruit and spices and is a perfect cooler as well as a postprandial digestive drink.

Phondaghat Life Recommends

  • Add one part of Kokum to seven parts of water, add a pinch of chat masala, throw in a few cubes of ice, stir and serve.
  • Use it as a base for your virgin mojito or any other citrusy mocktails.
  • Use Syrup as per taste preference.

Lastly, if you want to get experimental – add a part to five parts of sparkling water and drop in a pinch of chat masala and salt, top it up with ice – your Shikanji is ready!

Phondaghat Refreshers

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User Reviews
  • Haroula

    I was tasteded in Maharashtra and gave me benefits to my body and health .So I want to have it to continue that benefits for my body and health. Thank you

    • Gaurav Masurekar (Team Phondaghat)

      Hi Haroula!

      Kokum is a (very) underrated fruit. Its health benefits are immense and it is a delicious fruit. Do try our Kokum Agal too.

      Stay #HealthyHamesha!

  • Tejas Meshram

    I really recommend your kokam syrup over other brands. Btw can you let me know how much of your 1 litre kokam syrup is in kg?

    • Gaurav Masurekar (Team Phondaghat)

      Hi Tejas!

      Thank you for your feedback! We are glad you like our products.

      As for your question – a litre of Phondaghat Kokum Syrup will weigh between 1350 g. and 1450 g.

      Do try our latest – Phondaghat Bubbly Bhai Kokum Soda, we are sure, you’ll like it.

      Stay #HealthyHamesha!

  • Shibani Mitra

    Amazing and very appetizing Phondaghat Kokum Syrup makes a very refreshing drink.

  • Hemant Singodia

    This is the best kokum syrup in the market. Thank you phondaghat for the fast delivery service. I will order more soon.

    • Gaurav Masurekar (Team Phondaghat)

      Hi Hemant!

      Thank you so much for your feedback! It gives us immense happiness knowing you enjoyed our products so much.

      Thank you once again!
      Stay #HealthHamesha!

  • Ankita Keni

    This is the best kokam sharbat i found. Very apt in this season very refreshing also. My children love it.