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Phondaghat Malta Squash is not your regular orange juice, it is better, way better! Malta is a type of an orange, known as blood orange and is cultivated in the northern parts of India. Phondaghat Malta Squash is all fruit and no artificial colours or flavouring. We preserve the goodness of the fruit so that you don’t miss out on the super nutrients that is holds.

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Phondaghat Malta Squash is your perfect breakfast supplement. Not cloyingly sweet or thick, like sugar loaded jams, our Malta Squash is light on sweet and all about organic nutrition. The Malta fruit brings more nutrition than regular oranges. It has a deeper citrus flavour and is less sweet. Maltas are known for their tart tang and a robust flavour, it sets them apart from the others of the family. Loaded with nutrition and healing properties, a bit of Malta in your diet will add to your good health.

Rich in Vitamin C, malta is good for your skin and its anti-oxidant properties will help you flush out all the toxic from your body. Better your digestion system, boost your immunity, and add natural goodness to your diet with Phondaghat Malta Squash.

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Replace your regular sugary orange drinks with all-natural Malta Squash – you’ll come back for more.

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  • Tanmay Joshi

    I was surprised with the taste of Malta. It tastes a lot different than the regular unhealthy orange flavoured squashes. This one is natural.