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Since 1952 at Phondaghat Pharmacy, we believe in nature’s nourishment and bring to you products that are wholesome, pure, and 100% natural. Supplement a balanced diet with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that work towards creating a healthy eco-system for your body to truly reach its highest potential. Make the most of nature’s abundance with Phondaghat Pharmacy’s product basket made with care, and packed with love. Our resolve is to create affordable products which nurture and strengthen the body. From honey to healthy juices, we believe that the answers to all our problems and peace is right where we forget to look- at mother nature’s feet. Let’s go back to nature; let’s go back into the heart.

Phondaghat Pharmacy | Plan A | A for Ayurveda

We at Phondaghat believe in nature’s nourishment and the impact of Traditional Indian Medicine – Ayurveda. For ages, it has been a part of our culture and lifestyle. Ayurveda is pushed away from mainstream classification of medicines. It is due to the lack of biological plausibility. However, the ode to Ayurveda still remains and loyalists still opt Ayurveda over all kinds of medicinal practices. Many fail to believe that Ayurveda is not just limited to curing illnesses but can be opted as a way towards a healthy lifestyle. It focusses on both elements – maintaining a healthy lifestyle and treating various diseases.

…and then we came up with Phondaghat Life.

Our mission is not to give Ayurveda its medical importance but to help people understand the right way to Ayurveda. As said by one of India’s greatest Ayurveda Practitioners, “The best medicines sometimes fail to cure without the aid of proper food. There is no medicine like food.” A man/woman is what the food he/she eats. On an average, if an individual has 2 meals a day, then by the age of 70, the individual has consumed over fifty thousand meals. These food habits developed over these fifty thousand odd meals decide our health behavior. Every meal contributes towards the wellness and illness of the body. If an unbalanced diet can lead you to a life full of hardships, then a balanced diet can surely help you live a healthy life.

Understanding the Ayurveda Motto

This is one of the starting points for Ayurveda – focusing on a Wholesome diet. We all complain about not having the time, our meals are untimely, the portions are uneven, and this results into our bodies not getting the right fuel. We often get tired and blame it on the workload. But in fact, most of the times, it is the lack of essential nutrients that makes you slow. What to do in such cases? Supplements? Yes, we do need supplements to make up for the lack of nutrition but not the ones with hoards of chemicals and artificial substances. They might give you the boost you need but will soon make you depend on it. And once you skip those, the body is back to its fall.

So, the answer to this question lies nowhere but at the feet of mother nature. With mountains of herbs, oceans of potions hidden underneath, mother nature has a solution for every problem. We try our best to bring you the best of nature. Our products are made with choicest of ingredients and are crafted to supplement your diet. Our range includes a variety of products made out of Amla, Bael, Jamun, Rose, etc., all of which are known for their incredible nutritional and medicinal properties. Boost your immunity, health-ify your digestion system, and more, with Phondaghat Pharmacy.

Phondaghat Pharmacy | Plan Bee

Honey plays an important role in the applications of Ayurveda. Our bees have been working for over an impressive 7000 years to bring you this remarkable gift of nature. Interestingly, Bees are the only insect that produce edible food for humans. Honey is used for both internal as well as external applications. It is not only used to subtle down the bitterness of ayurvedic medicines but also used as a medicine, per se.

Ayurveda practitioners suggest Honey as the base for most of their medicines. Honey not only acts as a natural sweetener but also enhances the nutritional value of the medicine. It is antibacterial and antifungal in nature. As good honey is and are so misconceptions towards it.

C for Crystallisation

One of the biggest being its crystallization. It is believed that the crystallization or granulation spoils the honey, whereas it is absolutely untrue. Due to its composition, crystallization happens to be honey’s natural phenomenon. To bring it to its original liquid form, you can dip the container on lukewarm water. There are many such misconceptions about this sweet nectar. Phondaghat Pharmacy strives to educate people about honey. We take our honey business very seriously. Our honey is produced in the most hygienic conditions with extreme care so that our consumers can taste pure and natural goodness till the last drop.

We not only produce natural honey but also bring you the best natural flavour assortment from the laps of our mother nature. From the luscious valleys of Kashmir, creamy and buttery goodness of litchi, to the nutritious goodness of plump jamuns, we bring the best of all worlds with our premium range of organic honey. These are not just premium treats for your taste buds but also packs in a great deal of nutrients. Just like our bees, we go the extra mile to curate a special experience of honey, just for your and your well-being.

Phondaghat Pharmacy is one of the leading procurers of honey. We source the best products from various locations across India. We are also a reputed manufacturer of ayurvedic products. Our range of products includes 100% Natural and Pure Honey – Multi-floral, Wild Berry, Jamun, Litchi, Kashmir Gulkand Murabbas – Amla and Bael Squashes – Litchi, Malta, Guava, Burans, Amla Ginger, and Bael. Rose Water Candies – Amla, Bael, and Khatta Meetha Vinegar – Apple Cider Vinegar, Jamun Cider Vinegar and more… Our products are manufactured using natural ingredients in the most hygienic way and without compromising on the quality.

Phondaghat Honey – NMR Tested, AGMARK & FSSAI Certified

We undertake wholesale/bulk orders of all the products and can deliver it to you at reasonable rates. Apart from this, we also provide corporate gifting solutions.

All kinds of certifications of the company will be provided on request.

FSSAI LIC No.: 11518018000157


rajesh loyarajesh loya
13:19 13 Jun 22
A must visit place to get natural honey and other forest products. Good people running their business ethically. They have added good number of innovative but healthy products based on natural foods . Try their Bubbly soda .... an unique twist to traditional kokam sarbat.
Sandesh NaikSandesh Naik
15:57 02 Feb 22
Original honey with super quality. I have been using at my home for last 5 years.Lot of different products at Phondaghat have been excellent 👌
Sanket DeshmukhSanket Deshmukh
14:51 29 Jan 22
I have been visiting this place since 2018. I never seen a company who educate their customers first and then assist them buying. The management is receptive and open for suggestions. My favorite take away apart from honey is bubbly a kokum beverage. Must try..
06:10 14 Sep 21
The best ayurvedic storeMany types of honey is available here like lemon honey, white honey, ginger honey, kashmir honey, raw honey and jamun honey....Many types of offers are available on every productAvailable here many types amala juices and dry amala...Cough syrup and also buaty product available hereBhondaghats special bubbly bhai konkam soda is unbeatable...Available here 100% pure and genuine raw honey l....Many types diat and food realated maxim are available here...All over shop is very clean and nice. Staff is very supportive and good working....
Dr. Prasad AkolkarDr. Prasad Akolkar
13:43 02 Sep 20
I have been associated with this place, erstwhile known as Phondaghat Pharmacy, for many years. Once upon a time it was the must visit place for pure honey. Phondaghat Honey was well-known throughout the state of Maharashtra. Now under the able management of the second generation of the Prabhu family, Mr. Yogesh Prabhu, the owner, has converted it into the specialty wellness store brand, Phondaghat Life.The main branch of Phondaghat Life, at Matunga, has been converted into the wellness and health store. The Phondaghat Pharmacy's own products like honey, sweet Amala, sweet Bael, and Gulkand and other products like Adulsa candy etc. have been arranged properly which are easily approached by the customers. Their proprietary medicine for diabetes, Muktayu, is also available here. Phondaghat's Syrups and Cider products are newly added attractions and are the must try products.Overall, nice place for health and wellness conscious people.Dr. Prasad Akolkar.