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Phondaghat Guava Squash is all about giving you the perfect guava treat without the hassle of scooping out seeds. Our Guava Squash is made with the thick and creamy pulp of Guava and has the hits of the seed when you take a sip. You will enjoy it than any other Guava product. It’s light, it’s pink, and loaded with nutrition!

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We love guava, we love it so much, we didn’t even know about it. It’s our perfected recipe that brings you every bit of the fruit in a smooth and delicious way. Use it in your daily diet, or add it to your weekend health bars, Phondaghat Guava squash is so much more than being just a squash.

Guava is a great fruit that helps you with your weight issues. It regulates metabolism and is one of the richest sources when it comes to fibre. The fibre also makes it fruit with the low glycemic index, therefore a power fruit for individuals with diabetes. It can also help you with all your tummy problems.

Phondaghat Recommends:

Give your regular Mojitos a twist with Phondaghat Guava Squash. Pour in a couple of tablespoons into your glass before you muddle some lemon and mint. Keep the sugar away and top it up with ice!

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  • Amina Sheikh

    Better than any other guava juice. Nice flavour and a light pink colour. Works for many mocktail mixes. A must try!