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Phondaghat Bael Squash is a unique recipe that brings the fruit of Bael in an interesting form. You must have tried Bael in murabba, candies, or just the fruit, here is a Squash that packs in the goodness of the fruit and is delicious at the same time. Not sugary or sickly sweet, Bael Squash is what you need in your kitchen for you and not just for your guests.

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The fruit of Bael is a super fruit packed with super nutrition. It ain’t that famous but those who know about this fruit will vouch for it and the nutrition it provides. A power-packed healer of indigestion, constipation, respiratory problems, and inflammation, in the form of delicious squash. Bael is been known to fight bacterial infections and cancer along with strengthening immunity and warding off viral infections. A fruit so good brought to you in a delicious form.

Phondaghat Bael Squash is all organic and all the nutrients are kept intact for you. No artificial colours or flavours are added to any of our squashes. They are made out of the real fruit pulp.

Phondaghat Recommends:

Pour in a few tablespoons into a glass and fill it up with water. Add a little bit of pepper powder and give it a shake. Enjoy this spicy drink and cheers to good health.

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  • Pradip Kumar

    I love bael murabba and with it, I ordered the bael squash too. After using it for a month, I can say that this tastes too good and it’s healthy too!