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Amla Ginger Squash


Phondaghat Amla-Ginger Squash is made with the choicest ingredients, every drop of our juice has been through strict quality procedures. Make the most of nature’s goodness, one glass at a time. Consuming Amla-ginger juice in the morning has a host of health benefits. Along with boosting immunity and healthy digestion, it is a great supplement for healthy hair and skin. What’s more, it is your daily requirement of Vitamin C, in a glass.

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Amla Ginger Squash Benefits

Spiced with a kick of ginger, this Amla Ginger squash is both delicious and healthy. Detoxify your body along with reaping other benefits like a faster metabolism, increased protein absorption, and rejuvenation. Amla provides for your requirement of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and all the goodness that helps you improve skin texture, oral health, and boost immunity. Ginger aids proper digestion and helps regulate the system and improve bowel moments.

Amla and ginger is also a great combination when it comes to complementing each other in taste and flavour. The fragrance and colour of the squash is distinct and pleasant. Both the hero ingredients – Amla & Ginger, are rich in fibre and anti-oxidants. Therefore, helps improves skin, oral, as well as gut health. Furthermore, amla and ginger can reduce nausea and help you get a relief from tummy troubles. Along with being a great health supplement, Amla Ginger Squash is a delicious and refreshing drink to cool off in the summers or a long tiring day.

Phondaghat Life Recommends

  • Our squashes are made with the freshest ingredients and packed with lots of love. Just pour a couple of tablespoons of squash over crushed ice and top with water or sparkling water for a delicious as well as a healthy drink.
  • Here’s one Gingarita recipe!
    • Prep a tall glass with crushed Ice, add the squash, drop in a couple slices of orange and lime. No mint or sweeteners needed. Empty the drink in another glass rimmed with salt (add chilli powder to the rim mix to get the crackers poppin!).
  • This one’s traditional, we call it the Avlanger!
    • Drop a heap of ice cubes in a wide stem glass and pour in a 50 (ml). That’s sippin’ healthy on the rocks!

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  • Anita Datar

    Nice and refreshing drink instead of your sugar loaded syrups and squashes. It is really yummy.