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Phondaghat Jamun Honey is sourced from beehives strategically placed around Jamun blossoms. Jamun honey is a rich source of nutrients and is a very popular choice of people with diabetes. It is a super addition to your weight loss diet regime as it is also rich in anti-oxidants. A perfect companion for those who want to keep fit in their active lifestyle.

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Jamun Honey is a rich source of immune-boosting nutrients and anti-oxidants. Jamun honey is formed with the nectar of Jamun flowers and has a thick dark texture. Robust in colour and pleasant to taste, its a power-packed supplement for lasting good health.

Jamun Honey is preferred by diabetic patients as it has a low glycemic index and that helps keep blood sugar in check. Known for its medicinal properties, it helps relieve inflammation and relaxes your body. Jamun honey is relatively lesser sweet than all the other kinds of honey.

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Add a tablespoon of Phondaghat Jamun Honey in your power smoothies and shakes, and make your way towards a healthy lifestyle.

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  • Thomas

    Would I get home delivery. J am a user of pondaghathoney from DMart since last 3 yrs. Now I desire home delivery.

    • Gaurav Masurekar

      Hi Thomas!

      Yes, we’re delivering! Just place your order, sit back and relax. Our team will have your products delivered.

      Awaiting your order! 🙂

  • Sushant Abgul

    I am diabetic. I never knew that there is any honey that is good for my condition. Phondaghat Jamun honey is tasty. Everybody should try. Thank you phondaghat pharmacy.