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Honey Gift Box – Pack of 5


Phondaghat Assorted Honey Gift Pack – An assortment of the bests from the Phondaghat Honey lineage. Not just a minimalist gifting box but also an experience of our delicious variety of honey. Procured from the best locations in India, this collection will help you decide your favourite Phondaghat Honey. Give yourself or your loved ones a happy and healthy gift of nature’s goodness.

Pack contains – 5 glass jars of assorted 40 g. Phondaghat Honey.

May include any five of – Forest, Jamun, Kashmir, Litchi, Wildberry, White Acacia, Lemon, Ginger.

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Honey Gift Box from Phondaghat

Our Honey Gift Box pack of 5 consists of any five of the following kinds of honey.

For this Honey Gift Box, we brought you an assortment of our best kinds of honey in a compact form. It is a cute little gift of health to your family and friends. And you will never go wrong with this Honey Gift Box. Moreover, it is nature’s goodness brought to you directly from the farms.

Firstly, the different tastes and flavours of honey depend upon the nectar of the crop a honeybee feeds on. Secondly, the flavour of the honey can be controlled by strategically placing the bee farms in the proximity of the crop. However, there are a few flowers with no nectar, therefore a pure natural extract of the same is infused in the honey to give it a unique taste and texture.

Acacia Honey

From the blooms of Acacia flowers, this unique honey holds a lot of health benefits. It is procured from the crown of our country, the one with the most beautiful valleys. Acacia Honey has a light taste and a smooth texture, along with a delicate taste of the blooms.

Forest Honey

Our Multi-floral honey, procured from the best locations around the country. Recommended for all kinds of home remedies, natural therapies, and ayurvedic medicines, our forest honey is delicious and packs various health benefits. Besides all that, leading Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals companies of the country prefer our honey for their products.

Ginger Honey

This is our version of a classic home remedy that has been in our family books for centuries. A combination of ginger and honey can cure various kinds of common ailments such as cough, cold and flu. For ginger honey, we infuse pure ginger juice with a carefully selected floral honey. This bespoke combination gives you the spicy kicks along with the goodness of honey.

Jamun Honey

One for the health-freaks! Jamun honey goes easy on the blood sugar levels. Individuals suffering from diabetes should opt Jamun Honey. It has a deep colour and mild fragrance and goes well with the morning warm drinks – Water + Lemon + Jamun Honey.

Kashmir Honey

Drawn from selected valley-clad locations of northern India, Kashmir honey has a variety of nectar. From apple to acacia, it has a fruity flavour and is not so cloyingly sweet. Replace all your artificial sweeteners with the delicious variety of honey.

Lemon Honey

We made your mornings simple! No need to go find lemons, here’s Phondaghat’s lemon honey filled with anti-oxidants and a delightful citrus taste. We carefully select the right kind of honey and infuse it with lemon juice. The result is a sweet and tangy burst of flavours.

Litchi Honey

Replace all your artificial syrups with our Litchi Honey. Drizzle a generous amount on your fluffy pancakes, you’ll forget the maple! A lovely treat from the luscious gardens of plump litchi fruit. This honey aids relief against cold and throat irritation.

Wild berry Honey

Also known as Sidr honey, Wildberry honey has immense medicinal properties. A fruity honey drawn from the nectar of wild berries of the forest, this is definitely a treat for the royals. Also, religious and traditional scriptures too mention about Wild Berry Honey.

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  • Priyanka Mehta

    My friends and family loved this honey gift pack. It is so cute and not at all expensive. Better than mithai or namkeen. definately going to order for more for diwali.