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Phondaghat Lemon & Ginger Honey is a blend of lemon and ginger juice, with one of our best varieties of honey – Sidr honey, also known as wildberry honey. It is a great choice for individuals watching their weight. Just add a spoonful to your morning glass of lukewarm water and you are good to go. If you have a toughie-coughie time, have a spoonful and you are already feeling better. What’s better? Phondaghat Honey now comes in a non-drip easy squeezy pack!

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Lemon & Ginger Honey Benefits

Phondaghat Lemon & Ginger Honey is a premium blend of honey. The reason we say blend is – We used our select variety of honey and added a part of lemon juice and ginger juice. These are natural juices and no extracts or flavours have been used for this honey.

Lemon & Ginger honey has a distinct flavour. On a bite, you get the tang of lemon while the ginger spice kicks in. Lemon honey is a great detoxifier and helps in maintaining skin and oral health. On the other hand, ginger works great in keeping your gut healthy. So, we thought of getting you the best of both worlds. For this recipe we chose our best – Wildberry, Sidr Honey. A royally thick and delicious kind of honey that has fruity notes of nature.

Phondaghat Life Recommends

  • For your morning routine – Add a spoonful to a glass of lukewarm water and have it every morning, empty stomach.
  • Drizzle a generous amount on pancakes and waffles for a tangy spicy treat.
  • Here’s a Mojito – Pour a spoon in a tall glass of ice, muddle with mint and orange and lime wedges. Top it up with water, or sparkling water!

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