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With Phondaghat Pharmacy’s Bael murabba, give your digestive system a detox. Made with premium quality ripe Ball fruit, this murabba is as delicious as it is reviving. Bael or wood apple (as some like to call it) is rich in fibre, minerals, and is delicious. Bael is another power fruit known for its amazing medicinal purposes. In this marmalade form, though it becomes sweeter, it still holds a lot of health benefits.

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Bael Murabba Benefits

Bael Murabba is considered to be very useful in relieving tummy troubles. Be it constipation or diarrhea, the fruit of Bael with a bail you through. The recipe of the recommendation is simple. Take a spoonful of Bael Murabba and put it in a blender. Toss in a few cubes of ice and give it a whip. The slushy pulp will take care of the tight situation. In India, Bael fruit is known for its medicinal properties and its religious values, therefore the fruit and its leaves are offered to Lord Shiva in honour and worship, especially on the occasion of Shivratri. The fruit goes by various names – Bengal Quince, Wood Apple, Stone Apple, etc. There remains a debate over the similarities and differences between Bael and Wood Apple.

This fruit preserve is rich in fibre and vitamin C. It holds strong anti oxidants that can help you fight common cough and colds. Provides instant energy which is way better than the commercial energy drinks that are cloyingly sweet and have no nutritional value. This murabba can also help you keep your body cool as it is effective against body heat and regulating the ph levels of the body. Along with dietary fibres and vitamin C, Bael Murabba is also rich in minerals and proteins. It is the perfect health supplement to underpin a balanced diet.

Phondaghat Life Recommends

  • Bael is also known for its properties that help arrest respiratory issues. A simple blend of the murabba, water, ice, pepper, and honey can assuage asthma.
  • Chop a piece into bits and drizzle over your green salads to enhance the nutrition quotient.

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  • Valencia Noronha

    I love tis product it is good for health. It has medicinal usages. It taste good. It is my favourite murraba🙂

  • Valencia Noronha

    It is a good product I like it. I loved it and it has medicinal usages.
    I love it’s taste. It is a health care products

  • Amol Raut

    Liked it very much, It is very very lite bitter but unique test . I have loved it and it has medicine values too.

  • Samita

    I always prefer Phondaghat Life’s products for my health care. Phondaghat Bael Murabba is one of my favourite murabba! 😛