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Phondaghat Amla Candy is a great way to stay healthy. Avoid eating mindlessly and just pop an Amla Candy between meals. Our Amla Candy is produced in the most hygienic and standard conditions so that you taste pure and natural goodness until the last of the pack. An instant boost of Vitamin C and energy to keep you going between meals and for the day. Mind you, it is also known to nourish the mind and increase brain function!

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Phondaghat Amla Candy is loaded with natural goodness. Made with the freshest batches of Indian Gooseberry, our Amla candy is a simple recipe that will keep you energized throughout the day. As a matter of fact, Amla is known for its rich concentration of natural vitamin C, it is among the best natural sources for Vitamin C.

Amla is used as a powerful Anti-Oxidant agent that also boosts immunity. It is good for the eyes, helps keep your vision healthy. It improves skin texture and also provides for oral health including strengthening teeth and gums. Phondaghat Amla candy is all you need to keep you active through the day. It is nutritional, so skip those extra mindless calories and snack on healthy goodness.

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Pop in between meals for an instant boost in energy. Chop a few and drizzle over your salads and enjoy the sweet and sour twist.

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  • Dharampal Pusekar

    Very good every day I am taking. Please let me know about the payment. Kindly acknowledge.

  • Suma Ramavadh

    I keep this in my bag everyday it is my go to snack whenevr i feel hungry between meals.