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Phondaghat Jamun Cider Vinegar is sourced from the best batches of fresh Jamuns.  It is a great supplement to your diet and can be easily adapted into traditional recipes. Made with the freshest of ingredients, Phondaghat Jamun Cider Vinegar is a pantry must have! Our Jamun Cider Vinegar is produced in the most hygienic and standard conditions so that you taste pure and natural goodness till the last drop. Our products go through stringent quality checks to ensure consistency in both texture and taste.

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Jamun or Black Plums are known for their high nutritional values and medicinal health benefits. Diabetic individuals prefer Jamun and its products in their diet to control their sugar condition. It is highly effective when it comes to lowering sugar as Jamun has a property to convert sugar and starch into energy at a faster rate.

Known for providing relief from tummy issues. It improves the functioning of the digestive system with its bacteria-fighting properties. This also leads to good oral health as the nutrients in Jamun Cider Vinegar also strengthen teeth and gums, and is good for the skin by providing nutrition to the body. Phondaghat Jamun Cider Vinegar also improves kidney function, blood purification, and vision.

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Add a splash of Jamun Cider Vinegar to your morning potion. Add a teaspoon of it to lukewarm water and feel the goodness of nature heal you in various ways.

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  • Amita Rane

    Very nice and healthy. amazing taste for salads and dressings. Really recommended.

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