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Shatadhaut Ghrutam is a traditional recipe from the books of Ayurveda. The name translates to Shata – 100 times, Dhaut – Washed, Ghruta – Ghee. It is a form of traditional clarified butter washed a 100 times with water. It is a thick cream with no additives or preservatives. Use it as a skin moisturiser, keeps your skin hydrated and suits most of the skin types. Softens skins and helps get rid of unwanted spots. Goes by the name – Shatadhaut Ghrita, Shatadhauta Ghritam.

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Shatadhaut Ghrutam – What is it?

Shatadhaut Ghrutam is made of cow ghee. Cow milk is curdled and then churned till the butter separates. This butter is then heated to to make clarified butter, that is ghee. The ghee is cooled and poured into a copper vessel. And then washed with water in a traditional way for a hundred times. The washing procedure gives it a milky, creamy texture and it becomes lighter and fluffy. It looks like your regular moisturizing cream. The copper vessel gives the ghrutam its peculiar pale pastel green colour. It doesn’t have a fragrant, just a pleasant creamy smell which may put off a few but it is a delicious dairy aroma.

Shata means 100 times

Dhauta means Washed

Ghrutam/Ghrita means Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Shatadhaut Ghrutam Benefits

Shatadhaut Ghrutam is a thick, creamy, fluffy skin ointment. It is used for moisturizing skin. It nourishes the skin with all of its dairy goodness and minerals that are drawn to it from the copper vessel. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes burning sensations on the skin. Dry skin can benefit by its amazing moisturizing properties. This ghrutam has minerals that can help fight spots and blemishes and help you get rid of puffy eye bags. Due to its buttery texture, it leaves an oil film on your skin, so it is recommended to be used in the night before sleeping. Ghrutam if enters the eyes, do not panic, just wash off with normal water.

Kindly note: Shatadhaut Ghrutam has a classic dairy fragrance which may make some of you uncomfortable when applied and kept on the skin, especially face, for a long time. Therefore, a tiny amount of our Phondaghat Rose Water is used to add a floral fragrance to the product.

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Before going to bed, squeeze a coin-size amount of Ghrutam on the palm of your hand. Dip in your finger and tap dots all over your face. Massage your face in circles till the ghee gets absorbed in the skin. It will still leave a thin oily film on your face. Dab-off the excess and wash face in the morning. Also, continue this exercise for a while.

Take a generous amount of Ghrutam on your hand and rub little by little on your neck, back of the elbows, on your knees, or places with spots. Try this for a few days and see the results for yourself.

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  • Meghana Kamdar

    such a unique product. great for skin and nails and hands. my favourite night cream.