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For all those suffering due to diabetes, Phondaghat’s Muktayu liquid can be your go-to solution. It is the perfect blend of fourteen naturally sourced ingredients that help to keep the blood sugar levels in control. It improves the digestive system and the pancreatic function. It also regulates metabolism.



Place an order for 2 and our team will send you a total of three bottles of Phondaghat Muktayu.

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Muktayu Benefits

Phondaghat Muktayu has been providing relief to customers, and their experience has been great. Our customers are our brand ambassadors and they have played a vital role in promoting it, all because the results have been good. The ingredients of Muktayu are specially curated to bring the best results. It helps improve your digestion and blood sugar levels. In addition to this, it also aids in keeping your weight in check. All ingredients used in this concoction improve pancreatic function. This helps in building a strong gut health and cleaning out the toxins in the body. Therefore, using the right dosage, you can even kick start your weight loss program with this health supplement.

Our customers and even family members have been benefitting from Muktayu for years now. They have been at the helm of spreading the for this product due to its innumerable benefits. Muktayu has no side effects (unless someone is allergic to the ingredients mentioned) and does not hamper the metabolism or curb appetite. It keeps you active and fresh and gets rid of fatigue.

Each 10ml serving contains the goodness of the following herbal ingredients:

  • Tulsi – Holi Basil
  • Meshashringi – Gymnema Sylvestre
  • Chirayata – Swertia
  • Saptarangi – Casearia Esculenta
  • Amalaki – Amla
  • Bilva – Indian Bael
  • Halad – Turmeric
  • Jambhool – Java Plum
  • Karvellak – Bitter Gourd
  • Trivrit – Operculina turpethum
  • Yashtimadhu – ‎Glycyrrhiza Glabra
  • Nimb – Lemon
  • Gulvel – Heart-leaved moonseed
  • Methi – Fenugreek

These ingredients individually are loaded with loads of nutrition and medicinal properties.

Phondaghat Recommends:

Mark the date and check your levels before beginning your course with Phondaghat Muktayu. Have a tablespoon ten to fifteen minutes after your lunch and also your dinner. Furthermore, do this for a month and check your levels again. You shall see a difference in the readings.

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User Reviews
  • Amita Girish Agarkar

    Muktau is the best product. It’s helps to reduce sugar.
    Mala 2 +1 Muktau have ahe

    • Gaurav Masurekar (Team Phondaghat)

      Hi Amita!

      Thank you for your lovely feedback!
      Kindly say a ‘Hi’ on our whatsaapp at 98190 34039!
      We shall help you with all your requirements.

      Stay #Healthyhamesha!

  • Suryakant nipane (verified owner)

    Phondaghat ka muktayu is good…. Diabetes ke liye bahut accha medicin hai.. Maine use kiya hau hai 1 no..

  • Mohanlal dhananjay bhave

    Plz send me your 2+1=3 scheme by Fondagat Muktaku


    Muktayu is a one of the best it improve the digestiv system. It also regulates metabolism.

  • Suryakant

    Muktayu is a one of the best it improve the digestiv system. It also regulates metabolism.

    • Gaurav Masurekar (Team Phondaghat)

      Hi Suryakant!

      Thank you so much for your feedback. Phondaghat Muktayu has proven to be useful for the upkeep of overall health. Be it controlling complications due to sugar, or your gut health, Phondaghat Muktayu supports your healthy lifestyle.

      Thank you for your words of motivation.

      Stay #HealthyHamesha!

  • Mohanlal D Bhave

    Mohanlal D Bhave- 20|04|2021

    Please send me 2+1 scheme by Phondaghat Muktayu.
    Good results.

    • Gaurav Masurekar (Team Phondaghat)

      Hi Mohanlal,

      Thank you for your feedback! You can place your order at the same page.
      You can even get in touch at +91 98190 34039. Our team will help you process the order.

      Stay #HealthyHamesha.

  • Vd Ajit B Patil

    Please send me 2+1 scheme. I had used it before. Good results.

  • Nimisha Verma

    Thank you Phondaghat for this awesome product. It is helping my parents fight diabetes and enjoy their favourite food. Thank you once again.

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