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Dry Amla Murabba


Phondaghat Dry Amla is one of our best sellers. An amla a day also can keep the doctors away, far far away. Phondaghat Dry Amla is a small carry box of a whole sweetened preserved amla, a powerhouse of Vitamin C. No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives – just fresh amla, ginger, sugar, and a pinch of salt. Pop in between meals to avoid a binge session of junk food. This one here is a must have and a must try!

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Dry Amla Murabba Benefits

The recipe of Phondaghat Dry Amla Murabba is simple – fresh batches of plump and luscious Amla, or Indian Gooseberries, are sorted, washed and cleaned. Then dipped into a sweet syrup. This syrup does the magic and softens the Amla further. The result is a juicy, tender, sweetened fruit. While some find it difficult to carry the murabba jars around, we made a single fruit packing available for them. Each pack contains a single plump sweetened amla fruit. There are no added flavours or colours. The excess syrup is drain and you can enjoy the fruit. Be careful when you bite, this single fruit contains the seed.

Dry Amla Murabba Uses

Amla is brimming with health benefits and nutrients. Be it anti oxidants or minerals, amla has it all. From providing relief from cough and cold to boosting your immunity, Amla is a power fruit that holds a lot of nutritional properties. It is good for your skin, improves eyesight, and keeps you fresh for the day. Amla is also known to improve your immune system and develop brain function. Its high concentration of Vitamin C can prove useful to regulate blood sugar, and even help your metabolism. Dry Amla can also give you an instant boost in energy.

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An amla a day can keep a lot of health issues away from you. You can eat the whole as is or chop it up and add it to your salads and diet bhels.

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  • Nikita Mane

    Sweet and Tangy!!!! This is a perfect pocket treat for me! Better than other junk candies.