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Audumbar Jal


Phondaghat Audumbar Jal is nature’s gift to you! Nature’s simple recipe to help you fight complex health situation of life. It is also called the natural coolant and is consumed to provide relief against body heat, inflammation, something commonly known as ‘Pitta Vikaar’. As the name suggests, it is the natural water extracted from the roots of the Audumber tree, no filtration or processing, no artificial elements.

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Audumbar Jal Benefits

It  consists of pure Audumbar water from the roots of the tree of the same name. Audumbar is Cluster fig tree, and Jal means water. The water is extracted from the roots of the tree without doing any harm to it. Audumbar Jal addresses body heat concerns. It acts as a natural coolant. It is a clear liquid that does not have any particular taste to it. Moreover, this super food is mentioned in various traditional and religious scriptures of India, explaining its significance.


Not only it is effective in reducing body heat but also regulates digestion. It works for a healthier heart and also treats hiccups. Interestingly, it also has positive effects on mental health. It provides energy that enhances your focus and concentration. With a cooler core, you will be able to function better. When you feel your body exuding heat, it manifests in various ways – acne, rashes, sweat, and more. Furthermore, your digestion system goes for a toss and you are uncomfortable for the whole day with acidity or body inflammation. Acidity can also lead to hair loss or damaged hair. By using this Jal, you can regulate the digestion of your body, get your pH levels in check and also rejuvenate your mind.

Phondaghat Audumbar Jal is truly a superfood that has some unbelievable benefits to your health. Packed with the goodness of nature, Audumbar Jal is here to help. Have this without adding anything to it, just as is.

Phondaghat Life Recommends:

  • Take a tablespoon of Phondaghat Audumbar Jal in the morning on empty stomach. Recommended for those suffering from body heat.
  • For those with severe case of body inflammation, they can consume half cup of this jal, twice a day.
  • Avoid having this water in the evening or night.

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User Reviews
  • Mohanish

    I’m Suffering from intense body heat. How many days it has to be taken and in what proportion.

    • Gaurav Masurekar (Team Phondaghat) (verified owner)

      Hi Mohanish,

      We recommend you do a regular course for atleast a month to see lasting results.
      Direction of use: Consume 2 tablespoon (Around 30ml) every morning, empty stomach, wait for 15 minutes and then start your day – brushing, etc.

      Stay #HealthyHamesha!

  • Smita (verified owner)

    I want to order it on whatsapp and want to pay through Google pay..is it possible?

  • Vipul j DESHMUKH

    When it been send its been an emergency other wise we lost some good time.

    Doctor says it’s been having good results so it needs.

    • Gaurav Masurekar (Team Phondaghat) (verified owner)

      Hi Vipul!

      Kindly get in touch with us at 9819034039, our team will assist you on priority.

      Awaiting your response.
      Thank you!
      Stay #HealthyHamesha

  • Atul

    Using this for last 20 yrs plus. My daugher is third generation to benefit from Audumbar Jal. Amazing cooling effect.

    • Gaurav Masurekar (Team Phondaghat) (verified owner)

      Hi Atul!

      Your feedback is pure happiness and full of motivation for us. We are so happy to be able to serve you and your family.
      Audumbar Jal is truly nature’s hidden gem. Thank you for your kind words, once again.

      Stay #HealthyHamesha!

  • Vinayak Pandit (verified owner)

    I’m already a fan of Phondaghat products, I have purchased this but do we need to consume it directly or we need to mix it with water?

    • Gaurav Masurekar (Team Phondaghat) (verified owner)

      Hi Vinayak!

      Thank you so much for your kind words!

      For Audumbar Jal, the direction for use – Take one One sip (two table spoons/ about 30 ml.) immediately after you wake up. It should be consumed empty stomach without diluting it, once a day.
      Do let us know your feedback.

      Stay #HealthyHamesha!

  • Shashank

    औदुंबर जल आर्डर केली आहे त्या ची डिलिव्हरी केव्हा होणार हे कसे आणि कुठे कलनार

    • Gaurav Masurekar (Team Phondaghat) (verified owner)


      आपल्या ऑर्डरची माहिती तुम्हाला ई-मेल व Whatsapp द्वारा पाठवली जाईल.

      कृपया तपासून पाहावे.


      रहा #HealthyHamesha!

  • Vinod Suryakant Sawant

    औदुंबर जल हवे आहे
    कसे मागवायचे?

    • Gaurav Masurekar (Team Phondaghat) (verified owner)

      नमस्कार !

      औदुंबर जल मागविण्या करिता खालील दिलेल्या लिंक वर क्लिक करा.
      औदुंबर जल

      १. Volume सिलेक्ट करा . उदा.: ५० ml. , १०० ml. , ७५० ml. , ५००० ml. ,
      २. गरजेनुसार Quantity सिलेक्ट करा
      ३. त्यानंतर ‘ADD TO CART’ वर क्लिक करा.
      ४. त्यानंतर स्क्रीन च्या वरच्या बाजूला ‘CART’ (किंवा बॅगचे चिन्हं ) वर क्लिक करा आणि CHECKOUT वर क्लिक करा.
      ५. त्यानंतर, आपले बिलिंग details टाकून मग PLACE ORDER वर क्लिक करा.

      त्यानंतर, पायमेन्ट करून ऑर्डर कन्फर्म करा.

      जर तुम्हाला काही अडचण आली तर आमच्याशी – +९१ ९८१९० ३४०३९ वर संपर्क साधा

      रहा #HealthyHamesha!

  • Ashok Bhushan

    I will use the product than I can review properly
    Thank you

  • Rakshata Mande

    This is just what I was looking for. The market is full of fake products. But I know I can trust Phondaghat Life for sure.