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Assorted Seeds


Assorted Seeds – just a tablespoon of these amazing crunchy seeds, and you are good to go for your daily hustle. Not roasted, nor toasted, these seeds retain the natural crunchy texture, and are mouthful in every bite. These are unsalted and can be had twice a day for overall nutrition. Phondaghat Assorted Seeds are a mixture of seeds from – Pumpkin, Sunflower, Flaxseed, Muskmelon, & Watermelon.

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Phondaghat Assorted Seeds are nutrient-packed and bring you the goodness of nature. These go well in your bake-menu, a great addition to your mid meal snacks, and an amazing power house of nutrition to your daily diet. Have a table spoon everyday and you are good to go. Skip those unwanted oily, greasy snacks – enjoy the crunchy Assorted seeds as is. Roast it, toast it!

Benefits of Assorted Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds – These are nutrient dense and have immense health benefits. Packed with good fats and minerals, Pumpkin seeds will take care of your daily nutritional needs. These seeds are also known to keep a check on your blood sugar.

Sunflower Seeds – Rich in antioxidants and are a good source of vitamins. These are fruits of the flower. The flowers are not just pretty but loaded with nutrients, protein, and good fats. They take good care of the skin and hair.

Flax Seeds – These wonder seeds are best known for their weight loss and fat loss properties. This is due to their amazing benefits for digestion and bowel movements, helping your body process foods better.

Muskmelon Seeds – High on protein, Muskmelon Seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are good for your eyes and will help you get rid of your common tummy problems. These seeds are also known to have properties that work towards healthier bones.

Watermelon Seeds – Watermelon seeds are as good as the fruit. They are rich in essential oils, and protein, taking care of your skin and fighting unwanted breakouts. They are good for hair growth, and bone health. Watermelon seeds are also known to keep your sugar in check.

Phondaghat Life Recommends

  • Add a table spoon of assorted seeds to your salads.
  • Works wonders in your breakfast muesli and cornflakes.
  • Toss a heap in your doughs and bake seedful, healthy breads and sour cakes.
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