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Phondaghat Amla Murabba is a great detoxifier. It restores the body’s immunity and makes for a delicious sweet treat. It boosts the immunity of your body and helps it fight all kinds of illness. It is a rich source in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. A page out of India’s traditional summer recipes, Phondaghat Pharmacy’s Murabba curbs acidity, insomnia, and other such common illnesses.

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Amla Murabba Benefits

Amla Murabba is a great detoxifier, it restores the body’s immunity and makes for a delicious sweet treat. Also known as Indian Gooseberry, Amla is rich in fibre which aids the body with digestive benefit and gastric issues. Apart from Vitamin C, antioxidants, fibre, amla is also a good source of minerals. It balances cholesterol levels leading to a healthy heart. Amla Murabba is also known as an Indian Gooseberry Preserve. We make our Murabba with the freshest ingredients to maintain the richness and nutritional value of the recipe.

Amla Murabba Uses

Amla helps keep your digestive system on track and flushes out the toxins. Keep murabba near to support your daily diet as an energy and mineral supplement. Replace energy drinks with murabba and juices, keep healthy and stay fit. It can be a part of your lunch as well as dinner. Include half amla from the murabba to your daily meals. It is rich in fibre and acts as a good appetizers as well as a digestive post your meals. However, the syrup can be a little sweet so make sure your drain the fruit pieces before consumption. Tastes best when had as is. Get rid of your daily cough and cold woes and help your digestive system with this amazing product.

Phondaghat Life Recommends:

  • An amla a day keeps health issues away. Toss in a piece from the murabba jar into your daily lunchbox or have it on the go for an instant shot of vitamin C and energy.
  • Mash, grate, cut the gooseberry and add to your salads as a sweet and sour candy bites.
  • Add a mashed berry in your mojitos to give it an ayurvedic, herbal twist to the kicks.

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  • Fatima Thakur

    Yummy but very sweet. can you please make this in Phondaghat Honey? It will be healthier