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Phondaghat Amla Mawa is a tiny packet of wholesome goodness and joy! A sweet, sour and spicy mix of granulated amla & ginger made with the freshest ingredients of nature. We at Phondaghat Life love Amla and believe in the nutritional value that it brings with it. Ginger is one of our favourite spice, too. And when you mix them, the flavour is unbeatable!

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Amla, or call it the Indian Gooseberry, is known to be a Vitamin C powerhouse. Loaded with protein, minerals, and all the nutrients good for your health, amla is what you can trust for god health. Be it for healthy skin or proper function of the digestive system, Amla can do it all for you. Add the wonderful ginger spice to the mix and you have a powerful antidote to fight against any and every health issue that meddle with your daily hustle. It is good for your skin, teeth, gums, and does great good to your liver.

Amla and Ginger in the mawa combination is a great mouth freshener and also a perfect digestive after meals. Tap a tablespoonful onto your hand and toss it in your mouth.

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Phondaghat Amla Mawa is a great digestive but you can also add it to your desserts and salads to get the punchy amla sourness and the kicks of spicy ginger.

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User Reviews
  • Amol Raut (verified owner)

    My Daughters like Awala products very much and awala mawa i sthe favorite one and they keep consuming it. For very first time they consumed it the awala mawa from phondgaht and told me the quality is superb. The only issue is with quantity…this is feedback from my Daughters.

    The quality and service from Phondaghat is superb.
    Thanks to Gaurav for his customer oriented approach. Whenever I talked to him, all my queries got addressed.

    • Gaurav Masurekar

      Hi Amol!

      Thank you for your kind words. Your feedback has brought huge smiles to each and everyone on our team. We couldn’t be happier.
      Kindly convey our love and regards to your little ones and do tell them that their feedback is duly noted and taken on utmost priority!

      Thank you, once again.

      Stay #HealthyHamesha!

  • Pratiksha Save (verified owner)

    Yes. Quality is excellent. Requesting to increase the packet size. may be to 500 gm, 1000 gm.

    • Gaurav Masurekar

      Hi Pratiksha!

      We’ll work on the feedback and notify you sooon!


      Stay #HealthyHamesha!
      Team Phondaghat.

    • Gaurav Masurekar

      Hi Pratiksha!

      Thank you for the suggestion! We will soon have something for you.

      Stay #HealthyHamesha!

  • Sameer Patil

    JUST LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
    It is a nice mouth freshener and also works as a digestive! Please have bigger packets of these. would like to buy more.