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Amla Khatta Meetha Candy


Phondaghat Amla Khatta Meetha Candy is made from handpicked Amla bursting with nutrients which are nothing short of nature’s elixir! An easy way to snack on a nutritious treat any hour of the day, Phondaghat Amla khatta meetha candy is a great way to stay healthy. A sweet and sour gooseberry treat with desi tangy twist and a spicy kick.

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Amla is widely known to be a superfood. A rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants. These nutritional properties make it one of the most preferable fruits for various herbal medicinal preparations. It improves skin texture, strengthens teeth & gums, and also provides for good vision. Amla is also good for improving brain function and memory. Amla Khatta Meetha Candy also aids in digestion. It is a great ‘pachak’. Pop in a couple of candies after your meal and let it do the magic. Loaded with protein, vitamins, minerals, and fibre, amla will surely take care of your tummy issues. Amla Khatta Meetha can also be your quick snack when you are in dire need of instant energy boost. Keep a pack in your office bags and keep healthy always.

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Chop a few pieces of Amla Khatta Meetha Candy and toss it in your homemade diet bhel. Enjoy the tangy, sweet, sour, and the spicy kicks!

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  • Suma Ramavadh

    Amla candy and amla khattameetha is a must try. It is actually good between meals. it is helping me stay away from junk food. Thank you phondaghat.