Welcome To Phondaghat Life

Welcome to Phondaghat Life – Let’s Go Back To Nature!

Our ancestors travelled places to get the best herbs to make the most effective recipes for daily supplements and for medicines of Ayurved. The flag bearers of honey business in Maharashtra, fondly known as Phondaghat Honey. We follow this even today, bringing the best of nature to you with products that are wholesome and 100% natural. Today, Ayurveda for us is the last option. When other medicines don’t work or are unavailable, people come running towards AYURVED.

We’ve failed to realize that Ayurved is a way of life and not just about curing illness. Its science is about building the foundation of your health and taking a comprehensive approach to maintaining it in its peak condition. So, we decided to change this approach…

We don’t just want consumers to replace their chemical-heavy tonics and medicines with Ayurvedic Products. With our products, we aim to make a difference in how people perceive Ayurved. Not just for the choice of medicine but as a new way of LIFE. Presenting our brand-new portal www.phondaghatlife.com.

Phondaghat Life is a Flagship Store Brand by Phondaghat Pharmacy. Our resolve is to create affordable products which nurture and strengthen the body. From honey to healthy juices, we believe that the answers to all-out problems and peace is right where we forget to look – at Mother Nature’s feet. Let’s go back to nature, let’s go back into the heart. Bringing you the best of nature, in a newly defined way. A way to make way for these healthy and wholesome products into your daily health routine.

With PhondaghatLife.com, we want to connect with our consumers and serve them to the best of our abilities. We want to share our stories with them and bring them close to nature. Not just because Organic, Pure, Natural is the new trend but because it has been a part of our lifestyles for ages. We are what nature has made us into so don’t you think that nature will have the best solution to all our problems. We have started small but good.

₹10.00 – ₹572.00