Phondaghat Honey Crystallization

Honey Crystallization – Decoding the Mystery

Honey Crystallization is full of myths, here’s a good read for some facts and misconception.


-Natural Honey does not crystallize. ❌


-Natural Honey tends to crystalize, and it is a normal behaviour of honey. ✅


-Crystallized Honey is bad for health. ❌


-Crystallization does not affect the nutritional value of honey. It is safe for consumption. ✅


-Bee Pollens spoil the honey and cause crystallization. ❌


-Bee Pollens add to the nutritional value of honey. This sets it apart from other sweeteners, making it a healthier option. ✅


-Honey Crystallization is irreversible. ❌


-Applying gentle heat to the container reverses the crystallization process. Normally, you can dip the bottle of honey in lukewarm water and then stir, repeat the process to liquify the crystallized honey. ✅

Honey Crystallization

It is believed that the crystallization or granulation spoils the honey, whereas it is untrue. Due to its composition, crystallization happens to be honey’s natural phenomenon. To bring it to its original liquid form, you can dip the container on lukewarm water. There are many such misconceptions about this sweet nectar. Phondaghat Pharmacy strives to educate people about honey. We take our honey business very seriously. Our honey is produced in the most hygienic conditions with extreme care so that our consumers can taste pure and natural goodness till the last drop.

Why does Honey Crystallize?

The thickening of honey is a natural process and is known as Honey Crystallization. It is not a sign of contamination, but a mark of its biological composition. It is a natural and spontaneous phenomenon. Honey has a natural tendency to crystallize. Crystallisation of honey can happen due to various factors – temperature, season, weather, storage conditions, etc. And most importantly – the composition of honey itself. Honey comprises a high level of natural Glucose, technically it is an over saturated Glucose solution. Diving deeper on the process – Honey contains simple natural sugars like fructose, Glucose, dextrose, etc. Honey crystalizes when dextrose splits from the honey and loses moisture forming glucose monohydrate. This develops a residue that stays at the bottom. These are soft fine granules and dissolve to the touch.

In other words, when honey crystallises, the granules settling down is the natural glucose that separates from the moisture. This granulation is like that of traditional clarified butter – Ghee.

Does it affect the quality of honey?

Honey crystallisation is a natural process and does no harm to the quality of honey. It is safe to consume and has no effect on the nutritional property of honey other than colour and texture. Also, You can even scoop out the crystallized honey and use it as a jam spread.

Can the crystallization process be stopped?

There is no natural process that can guarantee absolute prevention of crystallization. And artificial procedures are not recommended as it will destroy the natural goodness and the nutritional value of honey.

While there is substantial research about Honey Crystallization, the air of mystery prevails due to its inconsistent occurrence. It is possible that once bottled, honey may or may not crystallize. And even if it did, the ratio will be different for each bottle, although from the same batch of honey.

Phondaghat Honey is a 100 % Honey, bottled in hygienic and safe conditions. It is AGMARK certified and undergoes multiple lab tests for over 30 parameters, including NMR.

We collect natural honey and also bring you the best natural flavour assortment from the laps of our mother nature. From the luscious valleys of Kashmir, creamy and buttery goodness of litchi, to the nutritious goodness of plump jamuns, we bring the best of all worlds with our premium range of organic honey. These premium treats also packs in a great deal of nutrients. Just like our bees, we go the extra mile to curate a special experience of honey, just for you and your well-being.

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rajesh loyarajesh loya
13:19 13 Jun 22
A must visit place to get natural honey and other forest products. Good people running their business ethically. They have added good number of innovative but healthy products based on natural foods . Try their Bubbly soda .... an unique twist to traditional kokam sarbat.
Sandesh NaikSandesh Naik
15:57 02 Feb 22
Original honey with super quality. I have been using at my home for last 5 years.Lot of different products at Phondaghat have been excellent 👌
Sanket DeshmukhSanket Deshmukh
14:51 29 Jan 22
I have been visiting this place since 2018. I never seen a company who educate their customers first and then assist them buying. The management is receptive and open for suggestions. My favorite take away apart from honey is bubbly a kokum beverage. Must try..
06:10 14 Sep 21
The best ayurvedic storeMany types of honey is available here like lemon honey, white honey, ginger honey, kashmir honey, raw honey and jamun honey....Many types of offers are available on every productAvailable here many types amala juices and dry amala...Cough syrup and also buaty product available hereBhondaghats special bubbly bhai konkam soda is unbeatable...Available here 100% pure and genuine raw honey l....Many types diat and food realated maxim are available here...All over shop is very clean and nice. Staff is very supportive and good working....
Dr. Prasad AkolkarDr. Prasad Akolkar
13:43 02 Sep 20
I have been associated with this place, erstwhile known as Phondaghat Pharmacy, for many years. Once upon a time it was the must visit place for pure honey. Phondaghat Honey was well-known throughout the state of Maharashtra. Now under the able management of the second generation of the Prabhu family, Mr. Yogesh Prabhu, the owner, has converted it into the specialty wellness store brand, Phondaghat Life.The main branch of Phondaghat Life, at Matunga, has been converted into the wellness and health store. The Phondaghat Pharmacy's own products like honey, sweet Amala, sweet Bael, and Gulkand and other products like Adulsa candy etc. have been arranged properly which are easily approached by the customers. Their proprietary medicine for diabetes, Muktayu, is also available here. Phondaghat's Syrups and Cider products are newly added attractions and are the must try products.Overall, nice place for health and wellness conscious people.Dr. Prasad Akolkar.